Hither Yon

The work of Hither Yon is a model for large social interaction in a modern world. Beginning with the Id the members explored how their different drawing styles related to each other's on four gridded sheets of paper. The drawings resemble imaginary cities and speak to our ever changing landscape. The individual's voice is promoted in the drawing of the Ego. Each member creates a composition which is then simplified and distilled to its basic qualities by the three other members. The last step in the drawing process is elevating the Ego to the Superego where the distilled ideas are brought into harmony with the surroundings by creating a large room installation. Both the Id and Ego have their place within the Superego and contribute to the larger picture of the world around us.

Please visit Hither Yon for the complete body of work.

Members: Eric Ross Bernstein, Jeremy C Burke, Kirk Finkel, Michael Lee